Is Viggle iPhone App a Scam?

Ok, I was looking for easy ways to earn money or gift cards on my iPhone. I found my dream job I wanted as a kid – to get paid to watch TV! I signed up around 3 in the afternoon got 1500 points and checked in right away. I studied the app and saw bonus shows for later that evening. I set reminders for those shows. I did a little more research and found you much check into the bonus shows for at least 10 minutes. I also watched bonus videos and played the trivia games multiple times. As this posting, I am less than a 1000 points away from redeeming a $5 gift card. By this evening with bonus shows, I should have enough to get a gift card.

Pros: Easy to work
Quick to rack up points
Bonus points

Cons: Shows were sometimes hard to check into, but could check in by hand with 2 failed attempts.
No points history. You have a check in history, but don’t see how you earn your points.

Is it a scam? No. As long as I receive my gift card, I will probably use this app more than my other gift card apps. Will update you on my gift cards soon


Gift cards work fine. Got about $70 worth so far. You have to update the app to get rewards, if you are having problems.


19 comments on “Is Viggle iPhone App a Scam?

  1. i can only get a code to use at Burger King. no card. It’s very confusing and everytime i email them i don’t get a def. answer. What do I do??? Go to Burger King, order food and give them some crazy 16 digit code? Anyone else have any luck with this?

    • Did you actually get an email answer? Neither of the email addresses listed worked for me. They both bounced back.

    • You may have got your answer already. But yes just take your paper their. I had 3 so I copied and pasted them than highlights them. They did have to get a manager over. No one knew how to ring it up.

    • give the code to them at the store and they’ll enter it just like a gift card. it works, I’ve done it a couple times already.

  2. Looks to me like this is a scam but they sure look professional! I turned in points to get a Burger King $5 certificate. They gave me a number on my screen but I never received an email. I tried sending an email to both the email addresses that they have listed but they bounce back. So I have to say this is a scam but they really do a good job making it look legit.

    • Very true. They responded to my customer support request and released a fix for the app today. I was able to redeem a bunch of prizes so far. So Viggle is the real deal.

      • I’ve gotten 2 $25 Best Buy gift cards and one $10 iTunes GC so far. I have successfully used the iTunes one, and I am saving up the Best Buy’s to but a Kindle as it works out it’s cheaper to buy it using BB GCs than to save the 175K points. It seems like the real deal to me.

        I would say the app is still buggy, regarding not recognizing TV shows some times, but it does not appear to be a scam

  3. I saved up a bunch of points and now I cannot redeem them.
    I was saving for a Kindle but I read all the negative reviews in the app store about people not being able to redeem points. This looks like a scam. The redemption says that it requires me to fill out all my profile. I try to do this and it keeps saying the request cannot be completed. There is no way to redeem points because I need to complete my profile, but Viggle does not let me complete my profile.

    • There is a glitch in filling out the profile just keep changing information date of birth and eventually it accepts it then go back and change it to all the right info…i have redeemed over 200 dollars in gift cards…they are legit….they just suck at customer service..

  4. Tony, you are full of it. $200 in gift cards? Based on their original rules and then the changes, there is no way you could have gotten that many gift cards. Not possible. This is indeed a scam. The Company admits that they pay for the gift cards with cash. It now awards single digit points per show. Gift card opportunities keep disappearing. Its impossible to redeem. Accounts get suspended for no reason. The app rarely recognizes a show. Crashes all the time.

    Its a big scam. FAIL.

      • Ok, I’m happy to report that I finally heard from Viggle. I don’t have any way to print out a coupon but I took my iPhone to Burger King and they just punched in the number and it worked. So I am giving Viggle the thumbs up but I do hope they work on the coupon setup. They should have a way to print out the coupons.

    • I’ve only been using viggle for 2 days and already printed and used 2 x 5.00 cvs gift cards. I received a confirmation email with both orders and it allowed me to print the egift cards.

    • I’ve got a old navy gift card I printed it out and made it in the giftcards syle went to the mall and got 4 pairs of shoes for free it ain’t a scam trust me

  5. It’s not a scam. I’ve gotten at least $50 worth of iTune gift cards and a $5 Starbucks card as well. They just added the MacBook Air on the rewards for 3,700,000 points. I’ve never had anything sent to me so when I get enough points I’m going to get that. Hopefully it’ll still be there as a reward.

  6. Viggle is NOT a scam whatsoever! Yes it may have its glitches and such, but that doesn’t make it a scam. I have received nearly 100 dollars in rewards so far! However, the constant decrease in point opportunities, and increase in points for rewards it is much harder to get rewards.

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